Are you struggling in business?

Here’s A Quick Way To Consistently Sell Out Your Products, Rake In Huge Predictable Profits Each Month While Still Doing Little To Nothing…

...maybe except to check your phone for ‘credit’ notifications (which happen often).

However, before I go on to tell you about this, there is something I deeply believe and would like to share with you.

...It is an exception to what you might have heard, read or believed about growing an over 1 million naira per month in pure profit business.

It is the advantage that no one can take from you.

...your ability to dream; to know what is possible in a country of over 200M people.

Who need to eat, drink, get sick, worry and take care of za oza room activities.

...and who according to ‘Statistica’ have over 50% of them coming online every single day.

That is over 100M people per day by the way.

...The truth is, your dream of giving out value in exchange for their money is very valid and achievable.

And please, do not think for one second that people do not buy things online.

In fact, a recent study by ‘Vanguard’ revealed that millennials now prefer to do things with ease - which includes buying.

...people do not want to be standing in long queues just to buy things these days.

Because they can do it ‘online’.

....that is why businesses who rely on ‘online marketing’ never beg anyone to buy from them.


  • They have a great product to offer
  • They know who their target audience is
  • They know where they can be found
  • check
    They know how to get into their minds and (ultimately wallets) too.

They do this by

  • Identifying a starving market that is ready to buy .
  • Identifying a winning product for that market.
  • Writing a ‘killer’ marketing message that sucks them in
  • By designing and setting up effective web landing pages to direct them to
  • By running a highly detailed and converting advert to get this market to notice, like and buy from them
  • By closing stubborn prospects over the phone and making sure the products get to them wherever they are within 24-48 hours.

Because these are the necessary tools you need to have in your ‘business’ box to grow an over 1 million a month business in Nigeria.

...the question now is, do you have it?


...if you can set this up successfully today, you’ll be able to:

  • Have more time to attend to your family needs and satisfy your partner without carrying business worries home.
  • Take out time to go on vacation and not worry about where the next customer would come from
  • Have more time to concentrate on more important business and life decisions


Turning The Business Into A Consistent Revenue Generating Machine That Gives You Time To
Enjoy Your Life With Less Financial Worries

...let me ask you?

What is your financial goal for the year and how do you plan to reach or even surpass it?

...By using the same outdated system that has kept you where you are present with no plans to move ahead.

Or updating your system with what works and that can get you results faster and cheaper too. case you are wondering,

there are basically two ways to making money online.

  • 1
    Set up an ‘online presence’ yourself and wonder why you’ve never made a dime in 6 months
  • 2
    Get someone with a proven track of blazing success with ‘online marketing’ to guide, design and help you implement for faster results. is that simple.

Because I have done this for over 100;

  • Network marketing experts
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Busy civil servants
  • Bankers and busy entrepreneurs
  • Real estate consultants and over 50 of my ‘inner circle’ students

And the results speak for themselves

...truth is, you need your business to grow and I will help you achieve that faster than you can imagine.

Even if you don’t have any business yet.

...I’ll literally take the burden off of your shoulders by creating and managing a system that will guarantee you a consistent pull of predictable revenue. 

And This Is How I Do It With My Proven Systems 



Step 1: The ‘Hunter’s Bag Refuge System 

A step by step process through which I research a ‘hot and ready’ to buy market for your products or services.



Step 2: The ‘Geurella Pack’ System

The fire-proof system I use to identify products or services that particular market is dying to buy off.



Step 3: The ‘Crash and Crush’ Copy and Ad System 

The structure I use in crafting irresistible product messages that convert total strangers into instant buyers and buyers into repeat buyers.

The ‘Social Ad’ god kit that taps into the networks of these markets to sell off all you have and leave you confused on how to fulfill orders.



Step 4: My ‘All-Time Favorite’ System

My logistics demons spread across Nigeria who deliver your products without holding your money back a second after payment.

What Will I Help You Do?

  • We’ll sit down over a cup of coffee to brainstorm on products you want to sell.
  • We’ll map out strategies to get them (if you currently don’t have them) at a ridiculous price.
  • We’ll set up marketing funnels and automation to sell them off in days or weeks....and encourage you to relax and see the explosive results.

What You Stand To Gain From This

  • An all-done for you research, product procurement, market positioning and sales of items.
  • A record of the whole process in case you desire to launch another product on your own next time.
  • Access to a 1-year non-negotiable FREE website and design templates
  • Free WordPress installation and management 
  • Access to the BEST landing page builder
  • Access to a catalog of hot and cheap products you can sell at your own price
  • 2 unique and converting sales letters to sell the hell out of your product.
  • 5 tested and proven ad angles and copy that Facebook loves and won’t ban before you even begin.
  • Converting Facebook Advertising setup and management for 2 weeks.
  • Access to my paid and highly sought for ‘inner circle’ for 1 months. only have to pick up what you want and allow my team and I take care of the ‘headache’ while allowing you to worry about how to fulfill orders from customers.

Consider this,


If you are to hire a Facebook Ad agency to set up just a Facebook ad campaign, it’ll cost you between N150 - N300k.

...I charge more than that so I know.

What about a copywriter, sales funnels builder and a lot more of what you need.

… altogether, I assume you’ll spend over N700k just to set up the system excluding logistics and product procurement.

And even, if you have all this, it’ll still take you well over 6 months to have just a grasp

...and that’s if you don’t get overwhelmed in 7 days.

...if you can’t, let my team and I help you crush it and achieve predictable results for you in just days…

...With my 'Sneaky Sales Master' System.

The single sales system that has turned many of my students into instant successes.

I know what you're thinking right now.

You are saying can I afford this right now.

...I know.

Although, I know you already perceive the value of my offer to be over N500k (which is the normal bid range).

...I won’t charge you that or even the N300k my paid ‘inner circle’ students pay to get this ‘All-In-One-Done-For-You’ package.


In the next 24 hours and for just N150k you can get this ‘Sneaky Sales System Package’..


After which it reverts back to N300k and gradually slopes back to N500k.

...With just this N150k,

I’ll take you by the hand and show you the goldmine you have been sitting on all your life.

I’ll take your business right before your eyes and transform it into a consistent revenue-generating machine in days…


If you desire to create a passive income that will outgrow your current salary or just to simply sell off your products consistently, then this might be the best offer you’ll ever get.

Book Your Slot Now!!

Secure your slot by paying with the link below or Pay into

Bank Name: United Bank For Africa
Account No: 2105164380
Account Name: Onyekanma Kings.

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Call/Text/Whatsapp 08105325075.


  • All the hard work will be solely handled by my team and me so that your only worry would be to be able to fulfill multiple orders.
  • You’ll get all the entire processes and systems used in achieving this as well as training for you to be able to implement it on your own.

..Now there are two choices

First Option: Do nothing, and not take this leap of faith.

Second Option: Take me up on this small investment today (including but not limited to the Bonuses lined up) and learn NEW THINGS that would give you access to the kind of life you dream about.

PS. My team and I are solely responsible for all the hard work to give you the freedom and lifestyle you really desire.


...however, if you don't get to make your initial seed + profit(s) in less than 30 days.

...Just place a call across and ask for your full refund + extra N10k to say sorry for wasting your time.

You also get to keep all:

All the bonuses and training promised. questions asked.

Book Your Slot Now!!

Secure your slot by paying N150,000 with the link below or Pay into

Bank Name: United Bank For Africa
Account No: 2105164380
Account Name: Onyekanma Kings.

Grab a slot now!!!
Call/Text/Whatsapp 08105325075.

Results Do not lie

Book Your Slot Now!!

Secure your slot by paying N150,000 with the link below or Pay into

Bank Name: United Bank For Africa
Account No: 2105164380
Account Name: Onyekanma Kings.

Grab a slot now!!!
Call/Text/Whatsapp 08105325075.


What if I get into this and don't really like it?

Do I have to be a good marketer to do this?

Does this have everything I need?

My finances are tight, should I really be buying this?

Other people sell similar stuff, why should I buy from YOU?

Will this really work for me? 

Can I trust you?

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